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Design with Creative illumination to the building is what LED House. The movement and folds in the architectural skin of the building are accentuated through a layering of the façade lighting.


One of the pioneer in world’s leading manufacturers in the architectural lighting market, featuring a comprehensive catalog of proven quality, high reliability and fully weatherproofed lighting fixtures.


Our supply team ensures that the right products are made available in right quantity, at right place, in right time. Ready for immediate use and ideal for LED House applications.


Our engineering and installation team is well equipped with state of the art machinery. Enabling our workforce to carry out our tasks with highest precision. Our years of experience in civil and engineering field help us achieve this.


By renovating your lighting technology, you save energy and thus, money. When your lamps are upgraded or retrofitted at the same time, it is a good idea to plan on a group relamp. For LED HOUSE maintenance no look further than us.

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